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Salwar - Salwar is a loose pyjama like trousers which has a string on the waist line for a tight grip around the waist. The salwar is loose around the waist for comfortiblity and slightly below it but gets narrow as it travels down to ankle.

Kameez - kameez is made of a long Shirt or tunic. The side seams below the waist line is split which makes it a very comfortable attire.

Churidar - Churidar is also known as chudidaar , chuddidar, churiddar or chudidar. is a body hugging salwar which is tightly gripped to the body like a stocking and is very narrow around the ankle area.

Patiala Salwar - This attire is also known to as Patayala Salwar. Patiala Salwar gets its name from Patiala in the Punjab region. This salwar has pleats on both the salwar legs which go from top to bottom giving it a baggy loose look.

Dupatta - A long scarf almost 6X3 feet of fabric matching the designs of the salwar kameez which was used to cover the head or worn around the neck area with the fabric flowing down on the back

Kurta - This is similar to a top and is also known as Kurti. The Kurta is a collarless or mandarin collar upper wear similar to a top but longer in length below the waist area.

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