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Origin of the name salwar kameez from shalwar kameez an urdu word



The Salwar Kameez has transfomed itself over many years into various style, designs and cuts so even the name has seen lot of variation over he decades. While the Shalwar Kameez originated during the Moghul Empire Urdu was the common and the spoken language of the era. In the Urdu language the transliterations starting from Urdu usually use "sh" and thus this traditional dress used to be called Shalwar Khameez.

But over the years Hindi as Urdu  became less common and Hindi launguage became the common language of the present era Shalwar Kameez original name also changed its pronunciation and written spelling also changes. Hindia language which was born out of Sanskrit language became the language of the region Shalwar Kameez also was spelled and spoken as Salwar Kameez.

Although In Pakistan where Urdu is still commonly used its still nown as shalwar kameez by lot of people but in Indian and Punjab region of Pakistan its known as Salwar Kameez. In the Northern region of as the designs and cuts of  the salwar kameez changed in modern styling the name Salwar suit is also commonly used specially in the Norther region of India.

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