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Indian clothing has transformed itself over many years from men wearing lungi or dhoti and kurta to wearing trousers and shirts. For women the traditional indian clothing still remain the same whether its Saree or salwar kameez. Although indian clothes like salwar kameez has changed its look and design but the basics of the indian clothing still remains the same. Although a traditional dress indian clothes like salwar kameez are still worn in almost every house hold in India due to its comfort. Even Indians settled in USA, UK, and other countries all over the world wear the traditional indian clothes in which salwar kameez is the most common one. While Indian clothing has seen a major change in the designs and styling the clothes basics remain the same.
Indian clothing has also earned more fame after Aishwarya Rai winning the Miss World titlle and becoming an house hold name all over the world. Aishwarya Rai celebrity status and her wearing Saree and salwar kameez in various international functions also did its bit in indian tradtional clothing having a name overseas. Aishawarya Rai entry into bollywood along with indian films being released alover the world Aishwarya Rai became the Idol of Indian Clothing designs. Even bollywood (Indian Cinema) has been an added motivator in promoting clothes from India. Bollywood has been a global source for people looking for new designs, trends and style. Many Bollywood designer like manish malhotra have become famous due to their contribution in bollywood for indian clothing specially saree and salwar kameez. 
The best part of the indian clothes is that its still traditional with lot of modern touch added to it giving it a graceful and elegant touch to it.
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